More Wastewater Treatment Applications

Water treatment at oil production wells
To maintain high output at production wells, water used for oil field injection is filtered through Septra elements. The filters strip suspended solids and oil from the water to protect the oil-bearing formation during enhanced recovery (water injection) operations.

Extending coolant life in metal working plants
To extend the useful life of coolants employed in metal-working applications such as rolling, grinding, etching, and machining, Septra filters installed on coolant recycle flows have reduced counts of particles 5 m and larger to within manufacturing plant specifications.

Drill water treatment at refineries
Membrane technology is saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in the treatment of drill water at refineries. At one petroleum refinery, about two million gallons of nickel-laden water is generated per year. This water requires treatment to meet the refinery's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit conditions. A Disc Tube™ system was installed to eliminate nickel from the effluent stream, producing condensate-quality permeate water that can be used as boiler feedwater. The nickel concentrate stream is recycled for use as drilling water.

More wastewater applications

Process wastewater treatment and recycling:
• In chemical and polymer production
• In power generation
• In semiconductor manufacturing

Wastewater Treatment

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