Pall Aria™ AX Water Treatment System

An Economical, Low-flow Solution for Municipalities and Industries

Pall Aria AX packaged water treatment systems are specifically designed for applications less than 150 gpm. Similar in functionality and operation to the legendary Pall Aria AP system, the AX model features even smaller footprints at a lower capital cost.

The Pall Aria AX system includes all the necessary equipment for automated operations in low-flow ground water under the direct influence of surface water (GWUDI), surface water, and pre-RO applications.

Meet stringent regulatory standards today and in the future.

  • Full System NSF 61 listing and ETV certified for surface water treatment rule
  • ISO 9001 certification from Lloyd’s Register of Quality Assurance Limited
  • NSF International Drinking Water Systems Center independent performance testing: arsenic reduced to undetectable levels (below 2 ppb)

Reduce your labor and operations costs.

  • Quick, cost-effective installation
  • Fully automated operations
  • Fastest membrane repair in the industry


Pall Aria AX System Specifications

Model Number Maximum
Number of
Installed Dimensions
AX-1 2 22 gpm  54" W x 115" L x 120" H
(with bladder tank)
AX-2 5 44 gpm  54" W x 115" L x 120" H
(with bladder tank)
AX-3 10 88 gpm  *
AX-4 24 220 gpm  *


*Please contact your Pall representative for details.

System options include instrumentation such as particle counters and turbidimeters, as well as an air-compressor and upgraded PLC capabilities.

To learn more about the Pall Aria AX system, please contact or call 1-888-428-5597.