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Water Treatment

  • Pall Aria FIT
Water is the universal fluid. As it becomes increasingly scarce, new ways to conserve, reclaim, and utilize untapped sources are urgently needed. Membrane technologies provide a means to achieve each of these goals.

Pall customers have stringent requirements for water – whether for drinking, power generation, or manufacturing a broad range of industrial and consumer products. Our water processing technology platform leverages core technologies, like the highly permeable hollow-fiber microfiltration membranes in Pall Aria™ water treatment systems, to meet their varied and vast needs.

Pall recognizes the complexities and implications of effective water management. We have considerable experience and broad capabilities to assist water users everywhere with removing contaminants, meeting regulations, and conserving this vital resource.
In the Spotlight
  • Pall Aria™ FIT Water Treatment System - NEW

    The system illustrates an innovative approach to packaged water systems, featuring a flexible design that is easily tailored for customers’ specific requirements. Learn More
  • Water Filtration on Wheels

    An efficient solution when a supplementary or replacement system is needed. Learn More
  • Design Considerations for Small Drinking Water Membrane Systems

    Water Conditioning & Purification, March 2007 Download PDF
Municipal Water
Municipal Water
Membrane systems for municipal water producers.
Desalination using MF and RO may be the 
answer to your source water shortage.
Industrial Water
Industrial Water
Industrial customers use processed water for numerous applications.
Pall Aria Water Treatment System
Pall Aria AP-Series Water Treatment System