Closed systems and disruptive solutions for aseptic process will be the theme of this face-to-face forum that will take place October 28 in Liège (Belgium)


Book your agenda now for that full day program with 6 speakers sessions.


As usual, a visit of an industrial pharma site will end the day.


As professional manager of the biotechnoly and pharmaceutical industry, we invite you to join us during this day focused on lessons learned and best practices from the industry in the field of Aseptic Process.


For this face-to-face business event, we will be happy to welcome you and bring you together again in a safe and secure manner as required by the Belgian authorities.





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Pall Booth: TBA


Pall Corporation provides  cutting-edge products  and services  to meet  the demanding  needs  of  customers  discovering,  developing  and producing  biologics  and classic  pharmaceuticals. The company’s  membranes  and  membrane devices optimize detection  and  sample preparation in  the  drug  research,  clinical  diagnostics, genomics,  and  proteomics  markets. Pall  is  a  leading  provider  of  automated  systems and single-use  solutions  to  pharmaceutical  and biotechnology  companies  -  from upstream,  through downstream,  to  formulation  and  filling  -  and maintains  certified ISO9001  manufacturing  facilities  worldwide. The company’s  Scientific  and Laboratory  Services  (SLS),  Technical  Services  and  Validation  Laboratories  have been a cornerstone  of  customer  support  for  more  than 30 years  providing compatibility  studies,  extractable/leachable  studies,  particulate validation  and  more.

Pall® Products

Location: Chateau de Colonster
City, State & Country: Liege, Belgium







See what your next facility could look like! The Pall Accelerator℠ Vision Platform gives you the ability to create virtual replicas of process equipment displayed in your manufacturing facility.


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