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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

2:00PM  Global Showcase Presentation:  BioProcessing

Clarification with Pall Seitz® Depth Filters for Adherent and Suspension Adeno-Associated Virus Culture.  

Speaker - Rajeshwar Chinnawar, Senior Engineer, Pall Corporation



Wednesday, May 4, 2022

6:00PM  Poster Session Sponsor


Nathan Hazi - with collaborator

Evaluation of Transfection Reagents for High Titer Viral Vector Production in the iCELLis Nano Bioreactor


Rajeshwar Chinnawar



Aydin Kavara

A novel, platformable approach for the reproducible and scalable enrichment of full AAV capsids.





  • Rajeshwar Chinnawar

    Senior Engineer, Pall Corporation

Pall Booth: 403




Pall® Products

Location: Moscone Center West
City, State & Country: San Franciso, CA  USA




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