This year, The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science is arranged as a hybrid event, i.e. event type that at the same time delivers the same experience and content to both a live and online audience.


This years themes are:


  •  Reflections on the past decade, and looking to the future
  •  Investments and finance
  •  Precision medicine
  •  How has Danish and Swedish life science evolved over the past ten years?
  •  What lies ahead, and how can the life science sector in both countries be competitive in the coming decade?
  • What framework conditions, skills and competencies, and type of partnerships would we need in order to succeed?



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Join us September 2nd, at 13:45 or the following session, and learn about fast-track development of SARS-CoV-2 subunit vaccine.



Max Søgaard, Cand. Scient, Ph.D, Vice President R&D and technology, Expres2ion Biotechnologies


The profound disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the global efforts to quell it, have revealed both the risks but also the benefits of living in a highly connected world. Likewise, the crucial importance of innovation within the Biotechnology field was brought to the fore by novel types of vaccines being rapidly brought to production and approval. In this field, a single great idea may actually end up saving the world.  Galvanized by global urgency, the combined efforts of Biotech, governments and regulatory authorities brought new vaccines to the market at an unprecedented pace.

My talk Is about a great idea for a safe and Virus Like Particle based, Sars-CoV2 subunit vaccine (ABNCoV2) which holds huge promise for virus neutralization efficacy and response longevity according to pre-clinical experiments. Partly funded by the EU and private foundations, two Danish Biotech companies, Adaptvac and ExpreS2on Biotechnologies, brought ABNCoV2 to clinical Phase I/II trials in the Netherlands (NCT04839146/COUGH-1).  An EU-wide consortium of scientists and clinicians working tightly together with Pall and other industry suppliers and CMO’s made this vaccine a reality, in record time. 





  • Max Søgaard
    Cand. Scient, Ph.D, Vice President R&D and technology, Expres2ion Biotechnologies

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Location: Medicon Village
City, State & Country: Lund: Sweden




Vaccine Production: securing process quality with flexible manufacturing solutions for all vaccine platforms


From the first inspiration in the late 18th century to gene-based DNA and RNA vaccines and novel cancer immunotherapies, vaccines teach the body’s natural defences to target unwanted bacterial, viral and cellular threats. The antigens that have been used to form the foundation of this instruction include whole bacteria or virus, and sub-units such as polysaccharides or proteins, and these may be conjugated to additional proteins or combined with other adjuvants to enhance the immune response.






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