Scalable, Cost-Effective Process Solutions for Viral Vectors

Partner With Us to Accelerate and Optimize Your Viral Vector Process

The journey to industrialization is exciting and can be challenging at times but development and optimization obstacles can be overcome with support from our experts.

Our Accelerator℠ Process Development Services team specializes in designing, optimizing and transferring scalable processes from pre‐clinical to cGMP commercial manufacturing, reducing time to market. They can draw on experience from multiple gene therapy viral vector projects to collaborate with you.


Join this webinar to learn how our Accelerator℠ process development services team helps our customers develop reproducible and scalable processes for viral vector manufacturing to meet clinical and commercial market demand in very short timelines. The webinar features case studies of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) and Lentivirus (LV) production using  adherent and suspension cell culture..


Knowledge and Expertise to Design, Optimize and Scale Up Viral Vector Processes


Our wide range of technologies and extensive knowledge of bioprocessing platforms make us uniquely qualified to offer end-to-end support for viral vector processes.

With a global team of over 300 experienced technical staff, we can support your molecule from pre-clinical to commercial manufacturing, finding the best upstream and downstream solutions based on data and testing.

Choose a process workflow below to learn more about our scalable solutions for each production process.

Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Production


Adenovirus (AV) Production


Lentivirus (LV) Production


Abeona Therapeutics Scales Up Production of rAAV Using AAV293 Suspension Cells in the AllegroTM STR bioreactor System

Advanced Bioscience Laboratories Inc. (ABL) Scales Up Lentiviral Production with iCELLis® Bioreactor Systems

Master Large-Scale Transfection

Optimize Clarification of Industrial Scale Viral Vector Culture for Gene Therapy