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Join the growing number of pharmaceutical companies using Pegasus Prime virus filters for GMP manufacture and try it for yourself today.  It could be the perfect solution to your viral clearance requirements.


Protect your critical manufacturing processes, ensure drug quality, and help improve patient safety with our high-performance virus retention technology.


The unique pre-sterilized filters and filter capsules combine high flow and robust capacity. They will simplify your development and manufacturing processes, and deliver sustainable economy at all scales.


Request a free sample of Pegasus Prime filters to see if this could be the right fit for your virus removal needs. Simply fill out the form and one of our specialists will get back to you to arrange delivery. 


Join the other pharmaceutical companies already using GMP scale Pegasus Prime devices.


“Pegasus Prime filter membrane was launched in 2016. In 2017, 5 pharmaceutical companies were using GMP scale Pegasus Prime devices (0.1m2 or larger). By December 2018, this more than tripled to 16 companies, of which Probiogen, BiosanaPharma, Mycenax and Roche have granted their permission to be named. Since launch, over 50 virus validation study results have been fed back to Pall, all with > 6 LRV for mammalian virus when spiked at > 6 logs.”


- Aernout Martens, Global Product Manager Virus Filtration at Pall



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