May 11, 2022: Yposkesi Scale Up to Deliver a Suspension Viral Vector Production Platform

Yposkesi, a SK pharmteco company, is a CDMO specializing in the development and manufacture of cell and gene therapies, which are experiencing growth in the demand for viral vector production every day. Yposkesi plans to leverage  its strengths in suspension cell culture by investing €5M in a new generation 1,000 L manufacturing platform to enable the production of large quantities of high-quality vectors for gene therapy treatments, and to be able to scale-out as needed to help meet growing global demands.


Using our Allegro™ STR Single-Use Stirred Tank bioreactors and Mustang® Q XT membrane chromatography capsules, Yposkesi combines their strong foundation in process knowledge with a versatile upstream production engine and purification platform, ready to aid an industry evolution from adherent production solutions towards suspension-based vector production.


“The cell and gene therapy space is constantly evolving, and the future will see many more players entering the market or merging” says Brian Mullan, Chief Technical Officer at Yposkesi. “Our clients choose Yposkesi because of our experience, our transparency and that we have an advantage in being among the early companies to adapt adeno- and lenti-virus production to more productive suspension culture processes.”

“There is an agility required to move onwards in the cell and gene therapy space. While Yposkesi is maneuvering in this space, just as a climber finds a path up a rock face, we need a supplier who works to the same goal. Pall’s organizational support and the way that Pall makes things happen in the background gives us a strong foundation, just as a rope holder provides support to the rock climber.”


“Each viral vector manufacturing process is different but that does not mean there are an infinite array of solutions that are needed. As the industry direction evolves, Pall’s diverse portfolio and standard process workflows easily adapt, both to industry shifts, and to the requirements of each individual processes” says Clive Glover, General Manager of Pall Corporation’s gene therapy business. “Proven technology, such as our range of stirred tank bioreactors, provides a strong foundation and can support many different processes including suspension based viral vector production. But our products are only one part of what we provide, and we are proud to apply, and share, our knowledge and experience to support our customers and to accelerate solutions to meet market needs”.

Photo courtesy of Yposkesi