Best Practices for Contamination Control in Wind Turbines


Duration: 30 Minutes


15 June 2023 - 10:00 ET | 15:00 CET | 15:00 GMT | 18:00 GST 19:30 IST


Given the expensive nature of replacing critical components up-tower and the resulting loss of energy production, it is understandable that both wind turbine OEMs and operators are highly invested in reliability, efficiency, remote fluid condition monitoring, and ease of scheduled component maintenance. These are all essential elements of successful and profitable operations.​

Only with efficient and effective filtration can components such as the gearbox and turbine bearings and lubricating fluids sustain years of trouble-free operation under these conditions, including:​

  • Wide variations in rotor loads, vibration and temperature
  • Ingression of contaminants, either solid (dust), liquid (aerosols or rain), or gaseous (moist air)​
  • Limited access for unscheduled maintenance


All these factors contribute to increased levels or wear in the gearbox and bearings unless suitably protected using high performance, high efficiency filtration. Attendees to this webinar will learn how Pall filtration solutions help to increase operational life, reduce maintenance costs, and extend service intervals (MTBF).​


Nigel Atkins​

Global OEM Technical Manager​

Pall Corporation

More than 30 years’ experience developing, testing and applying filtration and separation products across diverse Industrial segments; as well as holding senior management roles in product management, marketing and business development. Nigel speaks with authority on filtration selection to provide optimised asset protection and reliability, allowing OEM’s and Module suppliers to design in the most cost effective solutions; and for end users to evaluate if they can benefit from upgrading installed equipment, if they are experiencing issues with reliability and efficiency.

Anoop Suvarna​

Global Vertical Marketing Manager: Power Generation & Infrastructure​

Pall Corporation​

Anoop is playing a critical role in developing a strategic vision for how Pall approaches Wind energy, source of the future.  Anoop is leading market analysis, understanding key industry trends, identifying, and highlighting challenges for which Pall can be a solution to increase operational life, reduce maintenance costs, and extend service intervals in wind turbine operations.

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