Employee Spotlight: Aisling – Scientist, LGBTQ+ Advocate and Avid Reader


Aisling Lynch joined the Pall team over eight years ago, as a Temp and has worked her way up to a Scientist I for our CTO Media Research and Development team based in Pensacola, Florida. We sat down with Aisling to learn about her experience transitioning genders on the job, what Pride Month means to her and why diversity and inclusion is an important part of any workplace.

What has been the most impactful moment for you at Pall?


One of the biggest, if not the biggest moment was when I came out after starting my transition. I started to transition in late 2018 and kept it quiet for the most part through 2019 until the end of the year when it was starting to get obvious what was going on. When I came back after the new year in 2020, the support I got from my co-workers and bosses was a giant weight off my shoulders, it’s not always typical to find companies being as openly supportive of their employees. There have been plenty of cases where people have been let go over this sort of thing. So, the combination of support and not treating me any differently after coming out was great and is burned into my memory as something that I will never forget.


What does Pride Month mean to you?


Pride is a time where people can feel comfortable coming together in solidarity and celebration of life and its tribulations. It’s great fun and is a way of letting people know they are around others with similar backgrounds and life experiences and can be as free to express themselves as they are comfortable with. It’s also a way of getting the LGBTQ+ community together and helps remind people that they aren’t alone out in the world.


What do you wish people knew about working at Pall?


That leadership have always been the most approachable out of all the companies I have worked for. I can honestly say I have talked to and been listened to by leaders at every level of the company.


How will you be celebrating Pride Month? Why is it important?


My girlfriend and I got to go to the New Orleans Pride parade at the beginning of the month, and it was wonderful seeing people joyously being themselves while we did the same. I am also volunteering to staff a booth at our local pride event in Pensacola with Equality Florida, an LGBTQ+ rights organization.


Why is diversity and inclusion an important part of any workplace?


D&I brings different perspectives to the table, and having this variety of perspectives means we can approach problems differently, as well as be aware of problems that monolithic group makeups could be blind too.


What are you passionate about outside the office?


I would have to say that it’s split between reading and anything that could be categorized as adventure or exploring. I am constantly reading something during the day no matter where I am, even waiting in line at the grocery store. However, I also crave adventure and love to travel. Something I try to do at least once a year is go white water rafting, and I’ve gotten to explore beautiful locations in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina while doing it. I love to get lost in new places and am always looking for somewhere else to explore.


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