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Training plays a major role in the development of individuals and teams in the pharmaceutical and  biotech sectors. Researchers, process developers, plant operators and more must continually update and develop their skills to stay on top of an ever-evolving sector where techniques and regulations change.


Train the Trainer Sessions


Train the Trainer is a concise training group program (virtual or face to face) specially designed to improve trainers’ skills in training others. It focuses on specific technologies and teaches industry professionals how to train others to use those technologies.


For example, our Single-Use Handling Training Course consists of 3 x 2 hours modules for a maximum of four participants. Taught via Microsoft Teams, using slide decks, photos, and videos, it covers Pall methodology with practical work and feedback.


Available in an online format, Train the Trainer Sessions are designed to conveniently fit into your trainers’ schedules. An accompanying booklet provides step-by-step instructions to attendees. Participants will have access to all training materials during the sessions and will get a certificate at the end of their training.


Onsite Training Solutions


Pall’s Scientific and Laboratory Services (SLS) team can provide customers who have limited time and resources with solutions to their training challenges – from upstream production to downstream complex filtration, separation, and purification.


Our training staff include expert scientists and engineers who are internationally recognized in their fields, with years of experience in investigating and solving complex biopharmaceutical production problems.


You can conveniently choose when and where to undertake training; we also offer customized group training. We will design the training module according to your exact needs and provide a high quality yet cost-effective support package to help you achieve your goals.


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