Extractables Report Information


List of Available Extractables Reports for Pall-Manufactured Components


Pall Biotech recognizes the need for standardized extractables data, such as those proposed by the BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG) and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) <665>, which support risk assessment requirements and facilitate qualification of single-use systems.


Please find a list of our currently available extractables reports. These reports are for components manufactured by Pall Biotech that are integrated into Pall single-use systems (Table 1). We have data compliant with BPOG and USP as well as existing legacy compound-specific data.


Please email requests for specific reports (indicated in Table 1) to Catherine_hohil@pall.com (Americas), Virginie_brochier@europe.pall.com (EU/UK), Christina_bruntner@europe.pall.com (EU/UK), Kim_trantrinh@europe.pall.com (EU/UK), or Yan_tang@ap.pall.com (Asia).


For extractable reports on components manufactured by third party suppliers that are integrated into Pall single-use systems, please contact Pall.