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Your Biotech journey, your choice - optimized through our Process Development Services. Once your new process is up and running, we will continue to support you with ongoing training as required, regular servicing of equipment and assurance of supply for all your process consumables.

                   The Accelerator Journey


The journey to commercializing a therapeutic is a complex and challenging one – filled with obstacles that include building a product portfolio, ensuring patient safety, dealing with regulatory agencies, achieving economies of scale on a process typically designed at the academic level, defining a product platform and addressing fluctuating demands – all while keeping down cost. With the ever-shrinking pool of resources and technical expertise, these can be daunting tasks to achieve. 




                    An Uphill Battle


We understand the uphill battle you are facing, and while we can't solve all of your journey's challenges with what we can do is provide you peace of mind. One that involves delivering a robust, reproducible and scalable process helping you move beyond roller bottles and flatware into an industrialized process. 



                    Global Centers of Excellence


Using our global centers of excellence and our industry leading technology, we specialize in designing, optimizing and transferring scalable processes from pre-clinical to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) commercial manufacturing. Choosing Pall as your process development partner will reduce your development time by leveraging our Industry experts, proven methods and award-winning integrated bioprocess equipment. 



Accelerator Process Development Service Facility Opened in Shanghai, China


We are expanding our Accelerator Process Development Services capacity with a new laboratory in Shanghai, China.


The lab supports the rapidly growing biopharmaceutical market in the APAC region and together with expansions to the existing US and UK laboratories, increases capacity to meet the soaring demand for process development in the biopharmaceutical industry. The opening ceremony was held at the Pall Shanghai site on June 10, 2021 and was attended by many market leading biopharma companies and contract manufacturing organizations (CMO).



How to Guide


6 Tips to Successfully Outsource Process Development




Your biotech journey to industrialization starts here





Achieving Success Through Collaboration



Our promise is to co-develop an optimal platform solution by either simplifying your current process or re-developing it from the ground up. Whatever route we take together, when we finish development it’s your process. All we retain is our pride in what we do.


We believe that the most successful projects are centered around open and synergistic partnership dialog, and approach each project with an open mind, ready to listen to your needs and ideas. We take the time to collect the background knowledge and to ensure that development objectives are aligned at every stage with your needs and expectations.

Our Services


The journey to commercializing a therapeutic is a complex and challenging one. We are determined to deliver a robust, reproducible and scalable process that helps you move beyond laboratory scale process choices to those that are proven to support industrialized manufacturing.

Provide Simple and Robust Manufacturing Process




Develop Integrated and Industrial Scale Platforms




Deliver Technical Transfer




Why Choose Accelerator Process Development Services?


We specialize in designing, optimizing and transferring scalable processes from pre-clinical to validated cGMP ready manufacturing. Choosing us as your process development partner will help you minimize risk, reduce time to market and lower the cost by leveraging our industry experts, proven methods and integrated bioprocess equipment. Our local technical experts who will ensure the seamless and stress-free adoption of the platform at your designated manufacturing facility. This will minimize delays in your journey and increase your speed to market.

                    Increase Speed




                    Decrease Cost




                    Decrease Risk




Moving You Out of The Laboratory into An Integrated End-To-End Manufacturing Solution


We design a process with the end in mind, ensuring that it’s tailored for manufacturing environment, focusing on simplicity to reduce risk. We will deliver a platform that is not only designed to scale as you progress through the drug development cycle, but one that is versatile and gives you the flexibility to adopt additional therapeutics in your pipeline if required. Our building blocks of process development help take your process to the next level.




Tech Transfer and Proof of Concept


We begin by first translating existing data and goals into a detailed proposal which defines our planned approach.




Process Development


Experiments are designed to quickly move towards an optimized process. Milestones conclude with collaborative evaluation to plan the next steps.




Scale-Up and Technology Transfer


To ensure success, our scientists support transfer of a developed process through on-site support, training and documentation.








Customer Testimonials



"I was struck by the pragmatic approach in the process development work that Pall did for us. Science based and well-structured experimentation kept the project in a continuous flow and time to completion was Impressive. The team at Pall were proactive and transparent and kept a high level of communication. The outcome was a continuous purification process that fulfilled our productivity and purity goals.."


Maarten Pennings, CTO, BiosanaPharma







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