Filtration techniques

Direct Flow Filtration

Efficient and reliable upstream and downstream liquid and air filtration solutions for pilot to production scale bioprocessing

Increasing quality to meet growing demands. Superior processes for filtration of microbials and other contaminants.


The biotech industry is under increased regulatory pressure to provide improved quality and safety outcomes for products, while decreasing operating costs and environmental impacts. Pall has developed a suite of filtration products that responds to industry demands for safe, environmentally friendly, economic equipment that reduces operating costs while improving product quality. Pall offers filters using highly-developed membrane filter technology to biopharmaceutical companies seeking improved quality at a decreased cost.


With our unmatched portfolio of traditional and single-use filtration technology, and custom service support from R&D to clinical phases to production, Pall is committed to continuously improving bioprocesses to enable users to advance global health with safe, environmentally responsible technologies.     


Pall’s products for classic filtration provide cutting edge technology with a long service life because the equipment is safe, durable, and long lasting. Pall’s products have been tested under vigorous conditions and were found to meet or exceed quality expectations as a result.


The classic filtration suite is fully compliant with regulatory requirements in both Europe and the United States. Companies that use Pall’s equipment for their products can assure their customers that everything is being done to increase quality and decrease environmental impact/operating costs. Companies that care enough to use Pall, can provide their customers Pall produced literature to demonstrate the commitment Pall has made to helping the biopharma industry meet regulatory compliance, slash costs, and increase quality of products. 


Biopharma manufacturers are always looking for better processes for filtration of microbial and other contaminants. Contaminant removal needs have been increasing over time, as the industry moves to respond to tighter regulations amid fears of superbugs and antibiotic resistance, these needs will likely continue to rise. Classic filtration processes offer efficient contaminant removal allowing for superior filtration, at an economical cost.


Pall offers a variety of classic filtration solutions to meet needs of environmentally and economically conscious biopharmaceutical companies. These techniques advance with time as new processes develop. Pall has state of the art technology for new filtration processes in addition to the classic process. Companies that buy their products from Pall can rest assured that the products will scale with production, and the quality of their end product will be enhanced with the addition of Pall equipment.



Air Filtration Applications


Efficient and reliable air, gas and vent filtration for sterile cGMP bioprocessing: choose from scalable formats including stainless steel, high-temperature, oxygenated, and single-use operations.


Air, Gas, and Vent Filtration


Air Filter Housings




Liquid Filtration Applications


Whether designed for effective sterile filtration, bioburden or particle control, filter membranes ensure high throughputs and flow rates when utilized for the sterile filtration of cell culture growth media, protection of buffers and biological process fluids.


Liquid Filtration Microbial Control


Particulate Filters


Liquid Filter Housings


Filter Integrity Testing

With over 30 years of experience as a leading supplier of high-quality integrity test products and services, Pall understands the importance of integrity testing to our customers.
With over 30 years of experience as a leading supplier of high-quality integrity test products and services, Pall understands the importance of integrity testing to our customers.
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