The AcroPrep 24-well filter plate has been designed to comply with the ANSI/SLAS X-2004 microplate standards, which means that it has a footprint with a length of 12.8 cm (5.0 in.) and a width of 8.6 cm (3.4 in.).  The filter plate has a height of 3.9 cm (1.5 in.).  The filter plate comes with its dedicated receiver plate which has the same dimensions.  When the receiver plate and filter plate are stacked, they have a combined height of 7.5 cm (2.97 in.).


Note: The latter stack height is an important consideration for use with swinging-bucket rotors in the centrifuge.  It is essential to verify that there is enough rotor clearance to allow uninhibited swinging motion of the microplate carriers with the filter plate stack to enable trouble-free centrifuge operation.