Depth Filtration Technologies

Depth filtration is the ideal solution

Why Use Depth Filtration Technologies?


Due to process conditions and raw materials, all manufacturing processes in the Food & Beverage industry related to the production of clear and stable products have unexpected variances in their turbidity and colloidal load. Those variances can have a massive negative impact on the performance of installed filters, especially membrane filters that are installed prior to bottling. ​

Microbial spoilage contamination is another prevalent concern for most food and beverage manufacturers. The potential impact it can cause may lead to product recalls and compromise consumer safety. ​

Depth filtration is the ideal solution for such conditions in these applications.​


​ Where can I use Depth Filtration Technologies?



Depth filtration represents a wide range of different filter sheet media which can be used for:​


  • Turbidity removal, from coarse to fine particles ​

  • Polishing filtration ​

  • Colloidal removal​

  • Chill haze removal​

  • Removal of microbial spoilage/ Reduction of microorganism (yeast, bacteria, mold)​

Explore Depth Filtration Technologies by Product​

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Seitz® Sheets

Seitz Filter sheets have a long-lasting tradition of more than 130 years on the market of depth filtration and play a key role within the Pall Depth Filter portfolio.


Depth filter sheets are made of cellulose fibers, kieselguhr and perlite. They use surface filtration, depth filtration and adsorbtion as main filtration mechanisms.