Industrial Filtration 

Industrial manufacturing processes can be extremely sensitive to the presence of contaminants. Having effective and reliable monitoring, separation, and filtration at various points in industrial manufacturing is essential to improving end-product quality, extending equipment life, and reducing costly downtime. We provide premium industrial filter solutions and separation systems specifically designed to streamline process efficiency and improve business performance throughout the production process.



Pall's Athalon Filter Design Helps Keep Operators Safe










Enhanced Contaminant removal at Various Points in Industrial Manufacturing Processes


Have you ever changed the filter element of a hydraulic filter housing? It can be challenging. Watch as we demonstrate changing out filter elements using two different housing designs.

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  Why is Filtration Important?


According to a study by Dr. E. Rabinowicz of M.I.T., 70% of component replacements or "loss of usefulness" is due to surface degradation. 20% of these replacements are due to corrosion, and 50% are due to mechanical wear.


Particles generated as a result of abrasive wear are work hardened; thus they become harder than the parent surface. If these particles are not removed by proper filtration, they will recirculate and cause additional wear. This "chain reaction of wear" will continue and result in premature system component failure unless high-performance filtration is applied to break the chain.