The Future of Steam Filtration Is Coming



No Smoke, Just Steam


Food and beverage manufacturers face many complex challenges daily. Taking a back-to-basics approach by looking at utility management often presents the perfect solution. Utility fluids like steam support all manufacturing processes and represent one of the basic building blocks used to create products or enable plant operations. As a result, their quality and handling influence downstream applications, impacting overall smooth and economical plant performance.


Steam Filtration - Years of Protection at Minimal Cost


Steam filters are essential to remove rust and debris from steam lines. Pall steam filters combine 60+ years of sintered stainless steel experience with state-of-the-art manufacturing and support the following applications:

  • Fruit and vegetable blanching
  • Steam stripping for oils and flavor fractionation
  • Steam peeling
  • Reformed meat product processing
  • Odor removal from compressed gas streams
  • Poultry and swine carcass treatment
  • Aseptic equipment sterilization and steam tracing
  • Proofing ovens
  • Can headspace flushing
  • Pre-conditioning and extrusion
  • Direct steam injection for aseptic products
  • Steam tunnels for labeling equipment
  • Thermal processing of beverages and canned products
  • Indirect heat exchange
  • Steam cleaning of equipment surfaces

Now it’s time for the next chapter in our steam filtration journey – where innovation meets application. Stay tuned for updates coming soon!

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