Ion Chromatography Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation that’s Critical for Analytical

Optimized to provide the most consistent results when analysing ionic species


Ion chromatography (IC) is a technique that separates components by charged functional groups. It is used for analysis of water quality, environmental and pharmaceutical samples to study charged molecules including proteins, amino acids and nucleic acid.  

Sample and mobile phase filtration protects ion chromatography systems from particulate contaminants, reducing system downtime, extending analytical column life, and improving the accuracy and reproducibility of final results. 


When selecting the best filtration devices for ion chromatography sample preparation it is important to choose products that will not introduce or bind ions in the sample. 


For ion chromatography sample preparation Pall supplies IC Acrodisc syringe filters that feature an optimized hydrophilic Supor (polyethersulfone) membrane that has undergone several washing steps ensuring the product has low conductivity detectable extractables.


Reliable Certification and Quality


Pall IC Acrodisc syringe filters have been tested using a highly sensitive ion chromatography protocol to monitor inorganic extractables. The IC Acrodisc syringe filter is eluted with 18-Megohm/cm water to determine that the quantity of ionic extractable materials is sufficiently low, and that the product will yield accurate analytical results when used in IC experiments.


For ion chromatography applications, our IC Acrodisc polyethersulfone (PES) syringe filters are certified for low levels of inorganic extractables. Actual background levels of filter extractables are typically less than 20 ppb for chloride, 6 ppb for nitrate, 1 ppb for phosphate, and 10 ppb for sulfate.


Pall IC Acrodisc syringe filters are available in 13 mm and 25 mm diameters to suit the volume requirements of different sample sizes. Both syringe filters are available with either 0.2 µm or 0.45 µm membrane. The PSF 25 mm filters have been designed and certified to meet the exacting requirements of automation systems.