LCMS Sample Preparation

Extremely Low Levels of Extractables - Critical for Analytical

The First LCMS Certified Syringe Filters


Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) is a powerful analytical technique used for various qualitative and quantitative applications. LCMS has gained popularity due to its versatility and superior sensitivity. A recent advancement in LCMS is the improvement of method sensitivity that affords analysis at much lower limits of detection.

Filtering analytical samples using the correct device is an economical way to reduce instrument downtime, maintenance and associated costs. Sample filtration prolongs injector life, prevents the blocking of capillaries and protects detector cells from particulate contamination.


In analytical sample preparation, extraction and leaching of chemical compounds from filters are major concerns, particularly when using LCMS for analysis, as any filter effluents may jeopardize analytical results and data interpretation. To address these concerns Pall offers unique Acrodisc MS syringe filters that are certified for low extractables in highly sensitive LCMS methods.


Using Acrodisc MS syringe filters will protect analytical columns and instruments from particulate build-up, prolonging column life, ensuring performance consistency of LCMS instrumentation and reliability of results.


Acrodisc MS syringe filters are available in 13mm and 25mm size. They contain a 0.2 μm WWPTFE (water wettable polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane that is chemically compatible with both organic and aqueous solvents. The syringe filters feature a polyethylene housing that offers excellent chemical resistance and is extremely low in protein adsorption.


Reliable Certification and Quality


To ensure low levels of extractables, Pall certifies that all lots of water wettable polytetrafluoroethylene (WWPTFE) membrane used in the Acrodisc MS syringe filters have been tested according to established LCMS techniques. Each box of product comes with a certificate containing Total Ion Current (TIC) chromatograms that show all detected peaks relative to an Internal Standard. Results for integrity, burst, and flow rate tests are also included on the certificate.






Overlaid TIC chromatograms of the (A) Control, (B) Effluent from Pall Acrodisc MS syringe filter, (C) Competitor, (D) Competitor filter using Methanol: Water (50:50, v/v) as the test fluid.