The Unusual Suspects in HPLC Sample Preparation

Watch how Pall products can put these criminals behind bars

The Unusual Suspect criminals are destroying lives in a HPLC lab near you!


Barry Backpressure beaten back


Pall Acrodisc® PSF GHP syringe filters have been shown to extend column life by over 40X with no significant increases in backpressure. saving on column replacement. The high effective filtration area of Acrodisc products compared to other products makes filtration quick and easy, especially useful for preparation of multiple samples.



Alice and Patty stopped in their tracks


Cleaning-up and degassing mobile phases with Pall SolVac®, extends column life while maintaining results quality and consistency. Compared to glass funnel filters, SolVac, with its patented magnetic seal, is easy to use, eliminates washing and transfer steps, and minimizes spillage potential by drawing directly from the solvent bottle.



Eddie Extractable eradicated


The Acrodisc MS range is tailor-made for mass spectrometry applications. Its water wettable PTFE membrane and polyethylene hardware ensure extremely low extractable levels, reducing ion suppression / enhancement.

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Acrodisc® Syringe Filters with GHP Membrane

The "Universal" Membrane Filter for All of Your Analytical Filtration Requirements

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Acrodisc® MS Syringe Filter

The Certified Syringe Filters for LCMS Techniques

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SolVac® Filter Holder

Simplifies Clean-Up and Degassing of Mobile Phase Solvents and Other Solutions


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Pall Laboratory, a division of Pall Corporation (a Danaher company), is a global supplier of membranes and filtration solutions designed for laboratory applications. We maintain close ties with scientists, researchers and laboratory technicians worldwide to ensure its solutions offer accurate results, scalability, impressive ratings, and easy-to-use operation. We are proud to have laboratory application specialists to support labs around the world, whether they’re in private industry, academia or in the field. A wide range of advanced filtration and separations technology provides unique, cost-effective solutions to laboratory challenges and safety compliance requirements.



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