Meet the Next Generation of Universal Filtration

The Acrodisc One™ Syringe Filter

For use in all analytical QC applications, the Acrodisc One syringe filter with our new wwPTFE membrane protects your column and your data. The Acrodisc One retains more contaminating particles without leaching extractable materials, safeguarding your instruments, data and critical samples.

With the Acrodisc One Syringe Filter:

  • Extend column life up to 52 times
  • Reduce contamination with up to 24% less filter extractables than the competition
  • Simplify your sample preparation, saving time and money  


Applications for use of Acrodisc One:

  • Ion Chromatography 
  • Dissolution Testing
  • HPLC
  • LCMS
  • Analytical Chemistry Sample Prep
  • Analytical QC Sample Prep

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