Choosing the Proper Laboratory Supracap™ Depth Filter Capsules

Supracap 50 & Supracap 100 Depth Filter

Cell cultures, fermentation broths, and cell lysates often contain large number of particulates that makes them difficult to filter using standard membrane filters. Instead, depth filtration is more appropriate for these samples.


Depth filtration adds a third dimension, thickness, to the filter sheet, which enables trapping of particulate matter both at the filter surface and throughout the filter media to increase the dirt holding capacity.

Supracap 50 & Supracap 100 Depth Filter Capsules

  • Provide depth filtration options for volumes ranging from 1-3 L up to 100 L
  • Low hold-up volume allows for increased product recovery and requires low post-use rinse volumes.
  • Available with a wide variety of Seitz depth filtration media for pre-filtration and removal of coarse particulates.
  • Offers greater flexibility and assurance of application success from development to production scale.
  • Scalable to Pall’s entire line of traditional SUPRAdisc™ modules, as well as Stax™ capsules.
  •  Seitz BIO 20 media is ideal for ion sensitive products, such as parenteral solutions, therapeutic proteins, dialysis solutions, and protein-based diagnostics.
  • Seitz P-Series media applications include course filtration in the biotechnological industries.
  • Seitz HP-Series media performs exceptionally well in low viability, high solids-containing applications, and with wider distribution of particle sizes in biotech applications.
  • Mechanically robust design provides unobstructed process flows, consistent and scalable filtration results, and high filter media integrity.
  • Completely disposable technology eliminates the need for cleaning and cleaning validation.
  • Encapsulated design reduces operator exposure to potential biohazards.
  • Tested and certified. Manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9000 and ISO 9001, and an Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001.

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