On Demand 60 minute Water Webinar

Water safety in buildings applies to the delivery of safe drinking water, and In-Premise Water Safety Plans are the most effective means of consistently ensuring the safety of drinking water at the point-of-use. One of the first, and most critical steps in developing a Water Safety Plan is to recruit and develop the best available, cross-functional talent for the Water Team. Drawing from National and International Guidance and Recommendations, this webinar uses relevant examples and case studies to focus on the following key steps regarding

  • assembling the team, recruiting the best available and relevant talent, understanding the team roles and responsibilities
  • legal aspects of the Water Safety Team
  • use of third parties for aspects of water management; accreditation of third parties
  • training and education to develop in-house expertise
  • team meet structure, agenda and meeting frequencies
  • what to document, how to maintain records, recognise when to act
  • understanding costs of water system management and budget alignment

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Dr Paul McDermott

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, a Member of the Water Management Society, a Fellow of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management, a member of the Healthcare Infection Society’s Working Party on water management, Before setting up PJM-HS Consulting in 2014, Paul gained 13 years' experience working as a Specialist Inspector in Great Britain's Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Paul has a strong reputation in the effective management of waterborne infections, in particular Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, has acted as expert witness in a number of legal cases, and is currently Authorizing Engineer (Water Safety) at a number of National Health Service Trusts.