Anesthesia and Respiratory Care Products and Technologies

Pall Breathing System Filters


Pall Breathing System Filters have been designed to meet the highest performance and quality standards in mechanical ventilation in anaesthesia and intensive care. A plethora of data is available on their validation for the retention of the various human pathogenic organisms and agents, e.g. Influenza Virus A (H1N5), Human Immunodefficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis C Virus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, proteins, and many others. Their use at the patient side in anaesthesia ventilation provide a reliable barrier against cross contamination between the patient and the ventilation system, enabling the extended use of the breathing system.

Pall Breathing System Filters are also used in intensive care ventilation to provide physiological levels of humidification to the patient's breathing gases and high levels of protection against airborne and liquid borne contamination. A prospective, controlled randomized clinical trial showed that the rate of ventilator associated pneumonia was significantly reduced in the patient group that used the Pall Breathing System Filters as compared to the group that used active humidification.


Pall Pro-Tec® Filters for Pulmonary Function Testing


Pall Pro-Tec PF30S Filters are indicated for use with pulmonary function test equipment to retain saliva, microdroplets, and secretion present in patient's expiratory gas yet still have a clinically insignificant effect on test results. They help to decrease contamination of equipment, reducing the risk of patient cross-contamination. In clinical studies the Pall PF30S was investigated for its effects on most static and dynamic pulmonary function test programs, and was found to have no clinically relevant effect on test protocols like VC, FVC, FEF1, FEF25-75%, FEF50%, PEFR, RV, FRC, TLC, TLCO, KCO, VA.