Diagnostic Membranes and the Coronavirus Crisis

We have a wide range of membranes and media suitable for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that can be used in both PCR and lateral flow tests.


Why is testing important? 


Widespread testing is crucial to manage a disease outbreak such as COVID-19: It allows those infected to be swiftly identified so they can quickly receive treatment, and to be isolated to minimize further spread of infection. Conversely, those who receive the all-clear can return to work or family duties without the fear of infecting those close to them.



What types of test are in use?


There are primarily two different types of testing to help identify those infected with COVID-19: Reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests and lateral flow antibody tests.


RT-PCR tests work by analyzing biological material collected from the patient, usually by nasal swabbing. The test converts the viral ’ RNA into DNA. The DNA is amplified in sufficient quantity to allow detection. To perform this test, samples are collected and sent to a centralized testing facility.


For lateral flow antibody tests, a sample (usually blood) is applied to a small cassette. The sample flows laterally across a reaction membrane coated with reactive molecules. If antibodies linked to the disease being tested are present, they bind to these molecules and  a positive result will be shown by a predetermined visual indicator, if not, the result is negative. This is a point-of-care test that does not require a centralized laboratory; it can be performed at the bedside, in a clinic, or at home. 



What can Pall provide?


Pall has a wide range of membranes and media suitable for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that can be used in both PCR and lateral flow tests as well as in various other applications 


  • Vivid™ Lateral Flow Nitrocellulose membrane can be used as the reaction membrane for lateral flow assays. 
  • Vivid™ Plasma Separation membrane gives one step plasma separation from whole blood and can be integrated directly into lateral flow assays.


Pall also offers a range of membranes and media for sample preparation for PCR tests. Please click on the links below to visit the product pages. 





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Making a difference in patient care through innovative medical diagnostic applications.
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In diagnostic applications, glass fiber media can be used as absorbent sample pads and sample wicks where it acts as a prefilter removing debris and particulate from the sample.