Hydrophobic Membranes for Venting & Gas, Air Filtration

Our Hydrophobic Membranes for venting, gas & air filtration allow us to help our customers move their devices from design to market.

A Leader in the Manufacturing of Healthcare Filtration Materials

Understanding the Dynamic Science of Membranes for Air & Gas Filtration Solutions

For over 75 years we have understood the dynamic science of membranes for air and gas filtration solutions. In applications for venting and air/gas delivery, hydrophobic membranes incorporated into finished devices enable:


  • Equipment and healthcare worker protection
  • Easing patient comfort
  • Protection from environmental contamination.


Filtration of air, service gases, as well as equipment venting, serves to purify the fluid stream of harmful particulate matter. It is critical that in the process of selecting filter materials the following aspects be considered:


  • Air flow rates with adequate pressure drop across the membrane surface
  • Water intrusion pressure rating
  • Compatible sterilization methods


Due to the large variety of filtration media available, you will need someone that understands the factors governing the air and gas filter efficiencies. Let us help you navigate through this information and guide you to the correct selection for your specific use.


When selecting the best filtration membrane for air and gas filtration, we recommend considering the following properties:


  • Water Intrusion Pressure
  • Differential Pressure
  • Air Flow Rate
  • Bacterial / Particle Retention
  • Hydrophobicity and/or Oleophobicity
  • Thermal Stability
  • Chemical Compatibility
  • Compatibility with the preferred sterilization method.


We provide a range of hydrophobic membranes. These material components can optimize your finished product performance in applications such as:


  • Venting and liquid barrier
  • Contamination control
  • Equipment protection


For the healthcare industry, our OEM materials are manufactured to exacting specifications under strict quality standards offering flexibility in design, minimizing development project costs, and meeting the critical requirements for medical applications.


Some of our most popular hydrophobic membranes are:


  • Acrylic Copolymer Membranes (Hydrophobic)
  • PTFE Membranes
  • Glass Fiber (Hydrophobic)


We have extensive experience with manufacturing FDA-regulated devices and understand the quality specifications and standards that come with such endeavors. Our hydrophobic membranes for gas filtration and venting are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001.


Let us help you move your finished device from design to market.

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