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Quality Criteria for Point-of-Use Filters against Legionella and Pseudomonas

Point-of-Use filters can be used as a temporary measure in cases of microbial contamination of the drinking water installation before and during the reconstruction, measures to restore and maintain drinking water quality in the short term (according to national drinking water regulations, f.e. German Association of Gas and Water e.V. - DVGW). They serve to protect the consumer. “Point-of-Use” means that there are no further technical components between the filter and the use of drinking water from an outlet. The DVGW gives advice in the TWIN No 12 "Temporary use of point-of-use filters in microbial contaminated drinking water installations" about basic principles, technical requirements for filters, their transport and storage, installation and operation and finally the filter exchange.




PALL – Immediate solutions to microbial contamination of drinking water