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Filtration techniques


For a range of upstream and downstream uses at lab, pilot or production scale.

Biotech Filtration Solutions

An unmatched portfolio of traditional and single-use technology with custom service support from R&D to clinical phases to production. Pall is committed to continuously improving bioprocesses to enable users to advance global health with safe, environmentally responsible technologies.     

Filtration Applications

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The design complements the high-flow capacities of the Pall Emflon® range of sterilizing gas filter cartridges to ensure reliable and cost efficient filtration.

Unrivalled hot air filter for long life and easy water intrusion testing. Emflon HTPFR filter cartridges are specifically designed for the sterile filtration of air, gas and vent service in critical, high temperature and ozonated-water venting applications.

Pall Supor® EAV filters are designed for effective bioburden and particle control.  The Pall-patented Supor machV membrane incorporated in these filters ensures high throughputs and flow rates when utilized for the protection of buffers and biological process fluids. 

Pall's recommended standalone filter integrity test instrument for the pharmaceutical market. The latest product of Pall's long experience and expert technical knowledge in producing successful, top-quality test instruments, it enables users to test even more filters in less time, reliably and reproducibly, saving time and reducing costs.

These advanced housings are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and are engineered to meet the requirements of the BioPharmaceutical industry. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are used to construct a housing ideal for the most critical of applications.

Pall's Fluorodyne EX grade EDT filter is a 0.1 micron rated, validated, highly retentive mycoplasma control filter to be used where the sterility assurance and economical filtration of growth media or other hard-to-filter fluids is paramount.

Pall Profile II filters provide absolute removal ratings for reliability, built in prefiltration for economy and are constructed for long service life and high flow-rates.

Wherever you are located, Pall’s scientific staff is available to provide comprehensive knowledge and expertise to examine unique product and process characteristics and to select the correct test methods and conditions to validate your process.

Supor EX grade ECV filters are high-capacity, high flow-rate 0.2 micron-rated sterilizing grade filters designed for filtration of a broad range of liquids in bioprocessing.

Biotech Filtration

Increasing quality to meet growing demands. Superior processes for filtration of microbials and other contaminants.

The Biotech industry is under increased regulatory pressure to provide improved quality and safety outcomes for products, while decreasing operating costs and environmental impacts. Pall has developed a suite of products that responds to industry demands for safe, environmentally friendly, economic equipment that reduces operating costs while improving product quality. Pall offers filters using highly-developed membrane filter technology to Biopharmaceutical companies seeking improved quality at a decreased cost.


Pall’s products for classic filtration provide cutting edge technology with a long service life because the equipment is safe, durable, and long lasting. Pall’s products have been tested under vigorous conditions and were found to meet or exceed quality expectations as a result.


The classic filtration suite is fully compliant with regulatory requirements in both Europe and the United States. Companies that use Pall’s equipment for their products can assure their customers that everything is being done to increase quality and decrease environmental impact/operating costs. Companies that care enough to use Pall, can provide their customers Pall produced literature to demonstrate the commitment Pall has made to helping the Biopharma industry meet regulatory compliance, slash costs, and increase quality of products. Pall offers filter validation and integrity instrument test services to all customers.


Biopharma manufacturers are always looking for better processes for filtration of microbial and other contaminants. Contaminant removal needs have been increasing over time, as the industry moves to respond to tighter regulations amid fears of superbugs and antibiotic resistance, these needs will likely continue to rise. Classic filtration processes offer efficient contaminant removal. This process allows for superior filtration, at an economical cost.


Classic filtration is used in both manufacturing for medical devices and drugs, as contaminants in either type of product can result in hazardous conditions for the consumer. End users of products from the Biopharma industry, just want the product to help them without risk of infections. Biopharma manufacturers want to comply with regulations, cut costs, and produce safe products for consumers to avoid expensive lawsuits and/or harm to their corporate reputation.


Pall offers a variety of classic filtration solutions to meet needs of environmentally and economically conscious Biopharmaceutical companies. Classic filtration techniques are often sought after, because they have a proven track record of success. These techniques advance with time as new processes develop. Pall seeks to provide support to Biopharma manufacturers in all their filtration endeavors. Pall has state of the art technology for new filtration processes in addition to the classic process. Companies that buy their products from Pall can rest assured that the products will scale with production, and the quality of their end product will be enhanced with the addition of Pall equipment.


Responding to a Biopharma industry with ever increasing demands and regulatory pressures, Pall has created a suite of products to make classic filtration, the process of choice for discerning consumers.


Pall’s Supor EX ECV, Palltronic, Flowstar IV Filter Integrity Test Instrument, Kleenpak Nova HDC II, and Advanta Liquid Filter Housings provide state of the art biotech equipment for companies looking to improve filtration quality, at a fraction of the cost.


For more information about Pall’s technologies for Classic Filtration Biopharma applications, fill out the form in the right-hand sidebar.