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Exclusively for graduates of the continuous processing courses held at the BCC

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Welcome to graduates of the continuous processing courses held at the Biofactory Competence Center (BCC) in Switzerland.  This webpage gives you access to our library on continuous bioprocessing including videos, application notes, technical posters, webinars and white papers.

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Bioburden Control in Continuous Bioprocessing

Bioburden control within continuous manufacturing is a key area of concern in the biotech industry. In our short video Britta Manser outlines how existing technologies can help mitigate potential risks linked to bioburden control among new technologies, and answers important questions around regulatory compliance concerns for continuous technologies.


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  • The key drivers to move to continuous bioprocessing 
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  • How to establish a continuous bioprocessing platform

Technical Poster: Cost Modeling of a Downstream mAb Design Space: Stainless Steel Batch and Single-Use Batch vs. an Integrated Continuous Platform


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Webinar: Continuous Bioprocessing Solutions: Case Study – Merck Presents Scale-up of Continuous Chromatography using Cadence™ BioSMB System

Webinar: Continuous Bioprocessing Solutions: Case Study – CMC Biologics Explores the Potential of Continuous Multi-Column Chromatography

Application Note: Productivity and Economic Advantages of Coupling Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration to Multi-Column Chromatography for Continuous Processing 

Webinar: Reviewing Continuous Chromatography Solutions and the Effect the Number of Process Columns has on Specific Productivity and Binding Capacity


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Application Note: Volume Reduction and Process Optimization with Cadence™ Inline Concentrator 


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Webinar: Virus Filtration in Continuous Processing

Technical Poster: Consideration of Filter Design Space for Validation of Virus Filtration in Continuous Processing Applications