Meeting Buffer Demand


Overcoming the challenges of traditional buffer preparation and a revolution in buffer management has arrived : Allegro™ Buffer Management System Launch Event.

The changing face of the biopharmaceutical industry has brought about an increased need for flexibility and adaptability, with developments in upstream processing resulting in higher product yields, and with multi-product facilities becoming commonplace. In addition to this there is always the ever-present call for manufacturers to reduce costs without compromising the essential facets of quality and safety.

Process intensification, specifically higher cell culture titers, has increased the volume of buffer required and magnified the challenges posed by traditional buffer preparation. The extensive and varied range of biotherapeutics currently being developed has led to significantly different process demands, and the necessity for biomanufacturing facilities to cope with processes that may be vastly different in scale. This has a direct impact on the number of process buffers required.


The good news is that the pain points associated with buffer preparation can now be addressed efficiently through the advancement of well-designed automated technologies. Our understanding of the bottlenecks in buffer management that hinder production, enables us to partner with you to attain a robust buffer management strategy that encompasses preparation, mixing, storage, and a just-in-time solution at the point of use.


And you will learn :

  • The current pain points associated with buffer preparation
  • What are the current and future market trends
  • What Pall is doing to address these concerns
  • About the new Allegro Connect buffer management system


James Barry

Marketing Director Systems, Pall 

Ignatius Gyepi-Garbrah

Ignatius Gyepi-Garbrah, Pall

Dilute buffer on demand, reduce footprint and reduce costs

This application note contains a study evaluating the Allegro™ Connect buffer management system’s capacity to produce multiple diluted buffer solutions from stock buffer solutions using one single-use flow path for bioprocessing.

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