Craft Beer Quality Control & Microbial Detection

Reliable Pathogen Detection

Easy To Use

An easy, rapid, and reliable method for pathogen detection

Labor-intensive and lengthy investigations after spoilage detection can increase these risks as spoilage can originate from a wide variety of sources throughout the brewing process. These investigations can generate increased losses as a higher volume of spoiled products could be produced, or production could be interrupted for a long period.


The GeneDisc Rapid Microbiology System helps to provide craft beer microbial detection test data in as little as 2 hours, using a simple to use, robust and cost-effective platform based on quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) technology. The GeneDisc Rapid Microbiology System represents an attractive alternative to existing microbiological methods.


Pall GeneDisc Technologies help industries to reduce these risks in beer microbial detection by enabling the following:


  • Implementation of decision-making tests at key control points of the process
  • Fast investigations after spoilage detection