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Imperium Platform - A Fresh Approach to Microfiltration
Imperium Platform
Final Filtration for: Wine, Cider, Beer & Alcohol Free Beverage

A Fresh Approach to Microfiltration

The Imperium Microbial Stabilization (MSB) Filter is designed for the final filtration of wine, cider, beer and alcohol free beverages. As the final control step prior to packaging, the Imperium MSB Filter removes spoilage and indicator organisms which can adversely affect taste and quality, providing a fresh product with excellent shelf-life.

Up to 30% reduction in operating costs

Up to 30% reduction in operating costs

Reduced Risk of Product Contamination

Reduced risk of product contamination

Complete Process Flexibility

Complete process flexibility

See how the Imperium MSB Filter & Housing could benefit you in our new animation

Microbial Filtration

The Imperium MSB Filter has been qualified for retention against spoilage and indicator organisms which are directly relevant to the Food & Beverage market.

LRV = logarithmic reduction value

Brevundimonas Diminuta Enterococcus Faecalis Lactobacillus Brevis Escherichia Coli Dekkera Bruxellensis Lactobacillus Lindneri
Oenococcus Oeni Pediococcus Damnosus Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Serratia Marcescens Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Protecting Taste and Quality with a Fresh Approach to Microfiltration

Patent pending design with 10 m2 newly developed Supor® Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane and an 88% reduction in material junction points, together with the Imperium integrity test approach and modular housing configuration, result in up to 30% reduction in operating costs, reduced risk of product contamination and complete process flexibility.

Imperium Microbial Stabilization Filter

  • New geometry designed specifically for the Food & Beverage industry

  • 10 m2 Effective Filtration Area (EFA) with Laid Over Long Pleat technology

  • Replace up to 6 x 30" standard filter cartridges with just 1 x Imperium filter

  • High throughput newly developed Supor PES membrane

  • Reduced risk of false-pass integrity test results

  • Less chance of filter integrity failure

  • Retention to market specific microorganisms

  • Compliant to key food contact legislation

  • Almost 3 x quicker filter changeover

  • Integrity testable for assurance of filter performance

Watch our animation to learn how the robust Imperium MSB Filter design reduces the risk of filter integrity failure.

Modular Housing

Imperium Tri-Cam

The Imperium Tri-Cam interface ensures filter change-out is simple, quick and error proof, eliminating the potential for downtime or contamination as a result of filter miss-installation. Filter change-out can be completed almost 3x quicker when compared to a standard filter cartridge installation, requiring only 1 operator.

What's Your Flow Rate

Depending on the quality of pre-filtration and fluid filterability, Pall SLS Global Technical Support can recommend optimal sizing specific to your process.


28 HL / hr
12 USG / min

28 HL / Hour (12 USG / Min), with parallel multi-size configurations available for increased flow rates up to 226 hL / hour (99 USG / Min).

Wine & Cider

68 HL / hr
30 USG / min

68 HL / Hour (30 USG / Min), with parallel multi-size configurations available for increased flow rates up to 542 hL / hour (239 USG / Min).

Bottled Water

0.28 m3 / min
75 USG / min

0.28 m3 / Min (75 USG / Min), with parallel multi-size configurations available for increased flow rates up to 2.26 m3 / Min (598 USG / Min).

Imperium Filter Housing

Watch our animation to learn how the Imperium modular housing approach brings you complete process flexibility.

Imperium Filter Housing

The Imperium Filter Housing is specifically designed to house Imperium Filter Cartridges in high flow liquid filtration applications, where optimal fluid quality through sanitary design is required


  1. Exclusively designed for Imperium filter cartridges

  2. Patent pending Tri-Cam filter-housing interface

  3. Housing certified to 3-A 10-04

  4. 316L stainless steel wetted parts construction, electropolished with high quality welds

  5. Modular, parallel housing configuration

  6. ASME VIII Div 1 approved V-Band Housing Clamp

  7. Equipped with standard accessories



  1. Optimal performance through the use of Imperium Filter Cartridges

  2. Filter changeover is simple, error proof and 3x quicker than standard cartridges and housings

  3. Fluid quality, full drainability and reduced risk of contamination through hygienic design

  4. Corrosion resistance, durability and full cleanability

  5. Continuous operation, minimal downtime and production interruptions.

  6. Simple, low cost capacity expansion

  7. Ease of a V-Band combined with the assurance of ASME certification

  8. Quick and simple integration into your process

The modular Imperium housing configuration allows parallel or duplex operation. This brings complete process flexibility and the potential for continuous operation during cleaning, sanitization, maintenance or troubleshooting. It is suitable for a wide range of process flow rates and its design enables simple, low cost future expansion, as your capacity increases in line with your success.

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Try before you buy program


Imperium installations can be used or easily expanded to meet a range of process flow rates.

For multi-size installations, optional manifolds can be provided, allowing in between 1 and 8 housings to be installed in parallel as standard.

For expansion of capacity, simply add the required number of housings with a new manifold or manifold extension kit.



Cartridges produced in a controlled environment

Manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO9001:2008

Standard Accessories

Imperium housings are supplied with standard accessories, which include:

  • Inlet and outlet butterfly valves
  • Upstream and downstream hosetail drains
  • Upstream and downstream pressure gauges
  • Upstream Stäubli connection
  • Adjustable legs
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