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Laboratory Filtration Solutions

We are proud to have laboratory application specialists to support labs around the world, whether they’re in private industry, academia or in the field.

Laboratory Segments
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  • Microbiological QC

    A customizable, full line of microbiological equipment and disposables including membranes, membrane dispensers, funnels, pumps and other essential accessories to simplify your microbial analysis procedures. MicroFunnel™ filter funnels make analysis easy. Design permits a simple squeeze separation of funnel from base to access membrane. Funnels attach directly to standard laboratory manifolds, and volume graduations are clearly marked to make it easy...

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  • Analytical QC

    In the early stages of research and development for new drugs, analytical QC applications take an essential role. These applications are performed using multi-well filter plates and this capability can save laboratories time and money. Pall provides serval purification and detection technologies, designed to address the complicated demands of this stage of research development. Pall’s products are designed to meet the diverse demands on a...

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  • Environmental QC

    Pall’s technologically solutions for environmental quality control deliver reliability and cost-savings, resulting in efficient testing procedures and consistent air and water monitoring. Air quality is a major issue worldwide. Its known impact on health and environmental issues means it cannot be ignored. Government regulators set standards to control pollution in the air we breathe. Accurate analysis of airborne contaminants, such as silica, asbestos, and dust, is an essential environmental quality control process.

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Laboratory Segments
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  • DNA & RNA Purification

    The advent of next generation sequencing techniques has enabled collection of unprecedented amounts of sequencing data in short spans of time. This has greatly contributed to our understanding of genomic and gene structure across many species and has also allowed us to gain much information about candidate genes for genetic disorders, cancer causing somatic mutations and misexpression due to epigenetic changes.

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  • Protein Sample Prep & Detection

    Filtration, analysis, and purification in preparing and detecting proteins presents tremendous challenges. From the discovery and development stages of new drugs, through production and delivery of therapies, Pall Life Sciences provides dependable, high-performance products that expedite and simplify your processes. We have committed ourselves to providing many sample preparation and detection tools used in basic research and proteomics...

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  • Sterile Filtration & Clarification

    Reduce filtration time, increase throughput, reduce the need for multiple filter changes and save in overall filtration costs. We manufacture membranes that are used to sterilize liquid reagents, remove particulate contamination and clarify solutions prior to further processing. These products are optimized for biological, pharmaceutical, and sterilizing filtration requirements, and exhibit superior performance compared to competitive filter devices...

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  • Tangential Flow Filtration

    Ultrafiltration preserves biological activity and saves time - Protein purification technology has progressed from methods as diverse as chemical precipitation for sample concentration or dialysis for buffer exchange towards pressure-driven purification cross flow systems utilizing ultrafiltration membranes. Ultrafiltration (UF) techniques rely on the use of polymeric membranes with highly defined pore sizes to separate molecules according to size. Simply...

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Laboratory Segments
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  • Venting and Gas Filtration

    Venting and gas filtration is an essential part of laboratory operation. Venting may be as simple as a passive equilibration of gasses from a culture flask to active filtration of a gas into a bioreactor. Vent filters, whether disposable filter units or hardware with disc filters, can be useful for a variety of applications.

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  • Lab OEM

    Filtration, separation, and purification processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing, drug development, and life sciences research must ensure sterility and purity. These applications range from preparation of IV drug solutions to isolating and purifying DNA, RNA, and oligonucleotides. Pall’s membrane manufacturing and device engineering easily meets filtration, separation, and purification needs for this wide range of applications.

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Laboratory Filtration Products You Need

Our lab filtration equipment maximizes processing accuracy, speed, safety and reliability.

We are a large global supplier of membranes and filtration solutions designed for laboratory applications. We maintain close ties with scientists, researchers and laboratory technicians worldwide to ensure its solutions offer accurate results, scalability, impressive ratings, and easy-to-use operation. We are proud to have laboratory application specialists to support labs around the world, whether they’re in private industry, academia or in the field. A wide range of advanced filtration and separations technology provides unique, cost-effective solutions to laboratory challenges and safety compliance requirements.


We understand the requirements of laboratories are diverse, from the field to the halls of academia to private industry. Those conducting research and ensuring quality control need innovative technologies that make it easier to get the job done. We partner with customers in the search for solutions to real-world health issues.




Our vast product portfolio and technical know-how helps us deliver products that truly make a difference, from field to lab. We are proud to offer superior filtration, separation and detection products to help further innovations in drug discovery and ensure safe water supplies. Pall technologies touch people’s lives every day around the globe. By controlling device manufacturing through all stages, from media production to housing material to final device assembly, we produces filtration and separation products for laboratory applications that maximize processing accuracy, speed, safety and reliability.


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