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Mobile Phase Filtration

13 Product Families

SolVac® Filter Holder

Simplifies Clean-Up and Degassing of Mobile Phase Solvents and Other Solutions


  • Versatile design fits most HPLC bottles, flasks, and containers, and eliminates the added steps of washing flasks and transferring mobile phase solvent from flask to reservoir.
  • Draws directly from HPLC solvent bottle. Less likely to spill aggressive solvents than glass funnels or disposable cups.
  • Durable plastic construction is less likely to break than glass funnels, assemblies, or adapters.
  • Patented magnetic seal is reliable and leak proof. Eliminates the possibility of membrane shifting or tearing which can occur with aluminum clamps or threaded holders.


6 Part numbers available

Supor® PES Membrane Disc Filters

High Flow Rate Membrane Optimized for Biological, Pharmaceutical, and Sterilizing Filtration Requirements


  • Fast filtration with superior flow rates and high throughputs 
  • Low protein binding and extensive drug compatibility for critical applications
  • Saves time and money with fewer filter changes per sample volume
  • 142 and 293 mm discs feature printed tab for instant recognition of pore size and lot number


34 Part numbers available

HPLC Mobile Phase Filtration Membranes

  • Membranes Designed for the Stringent Requirements of Mobile Phase Filtration
  • Membranes are identical in composition and quality to those used in Pall’s HPLC-certified Acrodisc® syringe filters


6 Part numbers available

GH Polypro (GHP) Membrane Disc Filters

Membrane with Chemical Compatibility for Aqueous Solutions and Aggressive Solvents


  • Maximum versatility. Filters aqueous solutions or aggressive chemicals.
  • Low protein binding membrane gives high recovery of critical proteinaceous samples.
  • HPLC certified. Provides assurance that the filter will not add artifacts to your analysis.
  • Low API adsorption.


7 Part numbers available

PTFE Membrane Disc Filters

  • Strong, Chemically Resistant Membranes for Air Monitoring and Sampling in Aggressive Environments
  • Low chemical background permits highly sensitive, interference-free determinations.
  • Ensures accurate gravimetric determinations with low tare mass.
  • Ideal for filtration of gas and/or organic solvents.


17 Part numbers available

Nylaflo™ Membrane Disc Filters

A Highly Versatile Laboratory Membrane Filter


  • Excellent chemical compatibility with esters, bases, and alcohols
  • Naturally hydrophilic
  • Available in 0.2 and 0.45 µm pore sizes, in diameters ranging from 13 to 142 mm
  • HPLC certified. Provides assurance that the filter will not add artifacts to your analysis


9 Part numbers available

Glass Fiber Filters

  • Superior Grade Filters for a Variety of Biological and Environmental Methods
  • Type A/E meets the requirements for suspended solids testing, as described in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, current edition.
  • Reduces filtration costs and premature clogging when filtering difficult-to-filter or highly contaminated solutions.
  • Extends filter life and reduces final filter changes with high capacity prefilters


32 Part numbers available

Vacuum / Pressure Pumps

Cost-Effective, Reliable Pumps Now Smaller and Lighter Weight


  • Reduces the risk of sample contamination. An air seal between the pump and cylinder provides oil- and dust-free vacuum/pressure delivery.
  • Compact design saves laboratory space.
  • Features a diaphragm for cleaner, quieter operation.


2 Part numbers available

25 and 47 mm In-Line Filter Holders, Stainless Steel

  • High Quality, Corrosion-Resistant Holders for Stack Sampling Stainless steel construction offers excellent chemical resistance.
  • Holders open and close easily.
  • Filter remains undisturbed for particulate analysis.
  • Upstream threaded vent on 47 mm holder allows release of trapped gas during liquid filtration.
  • Convenient in-line opening and closing capability.


9 Part numbers available

47 mm Filter Funnels, Glass

Ideal for Vacuum Filtration of Liquids and Degassing of HPLC Solvents and Mobile Phases


  • Made of 100% borosilicate glass, assures resistance to even the most aggressive solvents.
  • One-liter 47 mm glass funnel/support assembly permits filtration of an entire liter at once.


10 Part numbers available

47 mm In-line Filter Holder, Aluminum

Lightweight, Anodized Aluminum Filter Holder


  • Convenient design allows opening and closing without disrupting membrane.


5 Part numbers available

Polypropylene/Polyethylene Separator Depth Filters

Virtually Inert to Chemical and Biological Agents


  • Outstanding wet strength
  • High chemical resistance
  • Provides a channeling effect for liquid, increasing overall filter flow rate when used in series with submicron membrane filters
  • Ensures stability when filtering concentrated acids, alkalis, or oxidizers


2 Part numbers available

Stainless Steel Forceps

Make Filter Handling Easy


  • Tips have a flat, smooth surface to avoid membrane filter damage.
  • Polypropylene finger grips provide a comfortable and secure hold. 
  • Choose traditional black or multi-colored finger grips. Bright colors make forceps easy to identify, track, and see on the lab bench.


2 Part numbers available