Single-Use Filter Funnels

MicroFunnelTM and MicroCheck® Filter Funnels 

Ordering information and specifications 


MicroFunnel™ Plus Filter Funnels

Combines standard MicroFunnel filter funnel features with a fillter funnel and sample cup in a semi-closed system to reduce contamination during in-line sampling and transport. Options include Supor® membrane compatible with hot water loops up to 90° C and sample cup holder for safe operation.

MicroFunnel™ ST Filter Funnels

ST second packaging layer requires only one wipe down to transfer multiple filter funnels when processed in cleanrooms or hoods. The overpack layer reduces gross particulate contamination that can come from cardboard.

MicroCheck® Filter Funnels

Disposable Microcheck filter funnel is specifcally designed for beverage microbial analysis, including integrated petri dish. Easy-to-use filter funnel is ideal for ingredient or final product testing for microbial contamination prior to release.


General Microbial Testing


For aqueous fluids used in pharmaceutical production and water system monitoring.  Check for a variety of contaminants such as total coliforms or pseudomonas.

Bioburden Testing  


Prior to sterilization for confirmation that microbial load is not above expected and validated quantities.

Sterility Testing


To confirm sterility where no more than 1 sample in 1 million contain microbial activity.



100 mL standard, including overpack options (ST)

100 mL Plus, including asceptic port option (AP)

100 mL Polycarbonate

300 mL standard, including overpack options (ST)

300 mL Plus, including asceptic port options (AP) and overpack options (ST)

300 mL Polycarbonate