Reducing the chance of cross-contaminatio

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Reducing the chance of cross-contamination

The advent of next generation sequencing techniques has enabled collection of unprecedented amounts of sequencing data in short spans of time. This has greatly contributed to our understanding of genomic and gene structure across many species and has also allowed us to gain much information about candidate genes for genetic disorders, cancer causing somatic mutations, and misexpression due to epigenetic changes. Validation of candidate genes can take place by genetically engineered disease models created in mammalian cell culture or whole animal models.


More of the workflows involved in these studies are carried out in high-throughput fashion aided by the use of multi-well DNA binding filter plates that allow larger numbers of genomic DNA samples to be obtained in parallel. 


The Pall AcroPrep Advance 96-well Long Tip Filter Plate for Nucleic Acid Binding incorporates a silica-based quartz glass fiber media to allow for efficient binding of DNA and RNA, while providing smooth flow and rapid processing of samples. This media offers researchers the flexibility to purify plasmid DNA from bacteria, and genomic DNA or total RNA from cell culture samples: a single plate for multiple applications. Reducing the chance of cross contamination is critical for reproducible quality results. Our new long tip plate minimizes hanging drop formation thus reducing the possibility of cross contamination. The Pall AcroPrep Advance nucleic acid binding plate is a multipurpose plate providing flexibility in applications, reduced risk of cross contamination and smooth flow for sample processing.


Addition methods of purification can include a chromatography step, we offer an innovative chromatography membrane which can provide higher dynamic binding capacity compared with traditional resin based solutions.


Our mustang® chromatography units facilitate the removal of host cell proteins, and work to purify genomic DNA. They are easy to use and disposable, creating an optimally sterile environment for purification using ion exchange chromatography.


AcroPrep Advance MWCO 96-well filter plates can be used to concentrate the nucleic acid of interest if pooling multiple fractions before running downstream analytic.


Typically further downsteam applications can involve PCR and the requirement to purify unincorporated primers and dNTPS away from the PCR product. We supply a range of AcroPrep Advance MWCO 96-well filter plates and centrifugation products that can assist with such applications.


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Discover the benefits of the AcroPrep™ Advance 96-Well Filter Plates for yourself – choose your application and request a sample.