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Nucleic Acid Binding Solutions

Nanosep® Nucleic Acid Binding (NAB) Spin Device


  • Designed for the specific purpose of isolating and purifying genomic DNA (gDNA), RNA and plasmid DNA (pDNA) from various starting materials such as bacteria, yeast, mammalian cultured cells, and plants. 
  • Provides higher binding and therefore, extraction yields due to its innovative double layer silica based, quartz media.
  • Isolates nucleic acids from 10,000 down to 50 base pairs allowing researchers to analyze a wide range of nucleic acid fragments from a single spin device. 
  • Save money by using in-house, off-the-shelf or left-over reagents & buffers with this truly innovative spin device. 


AcroPrep™ Advance NAB 96-well Long Tip Filter Plate 


  • High throughput nucleic acid isolation and purification of pDNA, gDNA or total RNA from a variety of starting materials. 
  • Multipurpose plate that provides flexibility to support a wide range of applications such as, restriction digestion, cloning, sanger sequencing, PCR, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Microarrays. 
  • Efficient binding due to its proven silica-based quartz glass fiber media which enables higher binding of DNA and RNA, while simultaneously providing smooth flow.  This reduces the risk of cross contamination, and improves speed of sample processing. 




The Benefits


Isolation and Extraction of DNA & RNA is one of the first steps in many life science workflows. The Pall Nanosep NAB centrifugal device and AcroPrep Advance NAB 96-well long tip filter plate provide researchers flexibility to process a wide range of samples, generate high yields of RNA and DNA, save money and improve research and health.



Nanosep NAB Centrifugal Device

AcroPrep Advance NAB 96-well Long Tip Filter Plate

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