Laboratory Diafiltration

A Fast, Efficient Method for Desalting, or Buffer Exchange of Biological Samples

Perform Desalting and Buffer Exchange Quickly and Conveniently with Diafiltration

Diafiltration is a technique that uses ultrafiltration membranes to completely remove, replace, or lower the concentration of salts or solvents from solutions containing proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules. The process selectively utilizes permeable (porous) membrane filters to separate the components of solutions and suspensions based on their molecular size. An ultrafiltration membrane retains molecules that are larger than the pores of the membrane while smaller molecules such as salts, solvents and water, which are 100% permeable, freely pass through the membrane.


Conventional techniques used for salt removal or buffer exchange such as membrane dialysis and column-based gel filtration can be effective but have limitations. With diafiltration, salt or solvent removal as well as buffer exchange can be performed quickly and conveniently. Another big advantage of diafiltration is that the sample is concentrated on the same system, minimizing the risk of sample loss or contamination. There are several ways to perform diafiltration. While the end result may be the same, the time and volume required to complete the process may vary considerably. It is important to understand the differences in the methods used and when to choose one over the other.



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