Microbiology Quality Control (QC)

Membrane filtration solutions designed for ease-of-use and contamination control

Unlock Microbiology QC Filtration

Flexible, accurate, designed for you

Whether you are performing bioburden testing of the latest vaccines, analysing food samples for spoilage organisms or confirming the safety of our municipal water supplies, we understand that maximizing efficiency and controlling contamination are paramount for microbiology applications.


Ensuring consumer safety while reducing sample testing delays and maintaining the wellbeing of QC teams, are all part of your day. That’s why our membrane filtration products use high-performance membrane filtration combined with flexible, intelligent designs driven by our customers’ needs.


  • Flexible products fit with existing procedures
  • Designs reduce cross-contamination, false positives and expensive retesting
  • Consistent, reliable membrane quality meets regulatory guidelines
  • Easy-to-use, ergonomic operation saves time and reduces repetitive strain injury (RSI) risks
  • All with the exceptional flow rates and recovery levels you can expect from Pall’s decades of filtration experience


Feel your work flow with ergonomic microbiology QC tools


Our suite of funnels, membranes and equipment are designed with the user in mind to limit awkward and uncomfortable motions in repetitive work. 


From our laboratory manifold, designed for stress-free use, cleaning and sterilization, to our easy-squeeze removal MicroFunnel™ filter funnel top, or our one-handed operation magnetic funnels—all of our products are developed with features to make your work more comfortable and reduce the chances of repetitive strain injury (RSI) or contamination events caused by fatigue.


Set yourself free by unlocking additional time in your quality control process.