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Compact Touch

13 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Next Filter Integrity Test Instrument

Choosing the right filter integrity test device, tailored to your needs, can be a difficult task. An informed, considered decision will help ensure seamless integration of the instrument into your critical processes and provide trouble-free operation for years to come.

Download our guide and learn more about:

  • Functionality and speed
  • Design considerations
  • cGMP compliance
  • Data integrity
  • Service structure, maintenance and training

Download our guide and request a quote to find out why thousands of Palltronic ® Flowstar instruments are in use in the pharmaceutical industry today.

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Filter Integrity Testing for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

As a key part of the Food & Beverage manufacturer’s HACCP program, the performance of microbial controls, such as final membrane filters, should be monitored. Integrity testing provides assurance of filter performance in the customer’s process, through a non-destructive test which is directly correlated to the ability of a filter to retain microorganisms.

Integrity test therefore helps manufacturers avoid costly issues such as:
  • Product contamination
  • Product losses
  • Reprocessing and production delays
  • Failing auditor requirements

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20 Tips for Selecting the Right Filter Integrity Test Instrument for Food and Beverage Industry

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