Pulmonary Function Testing

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Discover the power of protection from cross-contamination

The Pall Pro-Tec PF30S Filter is indicated for use with pulmonary function test equipment to retain saliva, microdroplets, and secretion present in patient's expiratory gas. The Pall PF30S filters help to decrease contamination of equipment, which may lead to subsequent alterations in pulmonary function test results. The Pall PF30S also reduces the risk of patient cross-contamination.


Clinical studies have shown that the Pall PF30S has no clinically significant effect on most static and dynamic pulmonary function test results, like VC, FVC, FEF1, FEF25-75%,  FEF50%, PEFR, RV, FRC, TLC, TLCO, KCO, VA.


Clean and Efficient

Our pulmonary function testing are manufactured under approved standards and are tested for performance in independent laboratories. Clear transparent housing allows easy monitoring of gross contamination with mucus and patient secretions. Our pulmonary function test filters are also clean and hygienic for patient comfort and safety. Contact our knowledgable representatives for more information today.


Pulmonary Function Testing Applications

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