20 Years of Point-of-Use (POU) Filtration Solutions.


20 years ago, Pall introduced the first disposable Point-of-Use Water Filter to the market, providing a unique solution for removing waterborne pathogens delivered to the outlet from the drinking water distribution system. This unprecedented innovation brought an ease of use that revolutionized hospital hygiene and water management for healthcare facilities.


Our 20 years of experience in developing water filtration solutions from the Point-of-Entry to the Point-of-Use, led us to develop and evolve the Pall-Aquasafe™ and Pall QPoint® Point-of-Use Filter families, with the highest level of quality, reliability and technical support.


We thank you for the confidence you have shown in our products and solutions.


We want to celebrate these 20 years of experience with you by sharing 20 special points about the world of Pall and the main features of our Pall-Aquasafe and Pall QPoint Disposable Water Filters, that make the real difference.


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