Pall IV-3 Filter Devices

Integrating the Pall IV-3 filter device into IV sets provides additional patient safety and gives medical providers confidence in their ability to reduce risks related to particle contamination whilst removing air from the line.


The Pall IV-3 filter device  integrates the Supor® membrane which is formulated for critical fluid applications where minimal protein absorption, superior bacterial retention and low pressure drop are required. 


A variety of commonly infused and/or injected drugs have been evaluated on their compatibility with the IV filter devices containing Supor® membrane.



  • Maximizes delivery of critical drugs with proven low drug binding Supor® Membrane.
  • Choice of pore sizes enable retention of particles, bacterial and fungi: 0.2 µm (Brevundimonas diminuta retention), 1.2 µm (Candida albicans retention)
  • Allows priming and air elimination in any position with dual vent design.
  • Different coloured housings and pad printing available for ease of final product identification.


Potential Applications

  • IV solutions
  • TPN and lipid solutions
  • Drug therapy
  • Apheresis solutions


Pall offers access to filtration materials and devices used for decades by leading medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure the safe and effective administration of intravenous drugs preparations.


To learn more about the performance of the IV-3 filter and the Pall IV filtration device family,  download the new catalogue dedicated to Infusion Therapy & Drug Delivery.

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