Made in America, for America - The Ultipor® 55.

The US Department of Defense (DOD) is partnering with Pall Corporation to build a new production line for breathing filters in the USA. This line adds free production capacity to Global operations when and where is it needed.



Now Available:

The Ultipor 55 stands in the tradition of our highly efficient, hydrophobic Breathing Circuit Filters, which are a standard in health care for almost 40 years now. The Ultipor 55 is our first product that can be used at either the patient or machine end of the breathing system.


Here are some of our new product’s attributes:

  • Airborne bacterial/viral efficiency in excess of 99.999%/99.995%
  • 100% retention of liquid-borne bacteria
  • Patient and machine end use
  • Compatible with nebulization
  • New double walled housing with rounded housing contour



Ultipor 55 

Pall Breathing Circuit Filter



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