Make Way for the New Breathing System Filter, the Ultipor® 50

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The Ultipor 50 stands in the tradition of our highly efficient, hydrophobic Breathing System Filters. It is our first product that can be used at either the patient or machine end of the breathing system.


The filter’s design concept builds on the proven principle of using a large surface area of highly efficient pleated hydrophobic filter media, which provides an important list of clinical benefits:



  • Retaining airborne bacterial, viral and particulate contamination with high efficiency
  • Validation for the retention of the SARS-CoV-2 virus*
  • Constantly high level of filtration performance over its entire use in humid gases
  • Providing a 100% barrier to liquid-borne contamination
  • Low airflow resistance over the entire product life
  • Compatibility with drug nebulisation
  • Ergonomic housing design

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Ultipor 50

Pall Breathing System Filter 

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*Validated in countries under CE-mark – this claim has not been cleared by the FDA

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