Versapor® RC: Our Hydrophobic / Oleophobic Membrane

“Designed specifically to meet environmental regulations”

Reduce the Risk of Aerosol Particulate Contamination


Versapor RC hydrophobic and oleophobic membranes are used where particle, bacterial and viral retention are essential within the venting application. 



Versapor RC Membrane


  • Acrylic Copolymer Matrix
  • Non-woven Nylon Support
  • Proprietary Post-Treatment


These membranes represent the next generation of venting materials – having been designed to specifically address ever-changing market requirements driven by environmental legislation and regulations.


The Versapor RC filter membrane grades offer the physical integrity and ability to reduce the risk of aerosol particulate contamination, while demonstrating consistent performance over a broad range of operating conditions and sterilization methods, as well as meeting or exceeding typical industry requirements.


Typical Application Uses Sterilization Compatibility Sealing

Venting/hydrophobic barrier



Equipment protection

Ethylene Oxide (ETO)


Air and gas filtration



Medical bag/device vents


RF Welding




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