Process & Particulate Water Filtration

From the Point-of-Entry to the Point-of-Use

Process Water Filtration Solutions

Our Expertise Can Help Solve Critical Water Quality Challenges

When preparing water for use in critical processes, like endoscopy, dialysis and sterile processing, guidelines and regulations vary greatly.  High quality water is often not achieved by deionization or reverse osmosis alone.


Our expertise in process filtration can help solve your critical water quality challenges, whether filtering particulate, debris, bacteria, endotoxin, even air and vent filtration.  A team of experts can support your Healthcare Water or OEM project to work through specifications and validation testing.


Particulate Filtration

High levels of particulates or debris can lead to many issues with process water.  If equipment or filters clog downstream, this can mean that sterilization processes need to be restarted or that instruments are not properly sterilized.


Particulate filtration is defined as nominal or absolute (99.98% retention) and can be used on the incoming water or further downstream.  Since it tends to be less expensive than bacteria or endotoxin filters, many companies and healthcare facilities choose to implement particulate filters upstream to improve the water quality and protect their investments. Plus, studies suggest that by reducing particulate in the water system we can also reduce the bacteria, since particulate can be a nutrient source.1



Figure 1: From Top to Bottom, Examples of Crude, Nominal, and Absolute Filtration


Bacteria & Endotoxin Filtration

Bacteria and other waterborne pathogens are important to control in process water for endoscopy, dialysis and sterile processing.  We have a range of filtration that helps ensure both sterilizing-grade performance and high flow rates for a variety of applications.


Similarly, endotoxin can cause many problems in sterilization of equipment and for dialysis. Pall filters can remove endotoxin from the water and our expertise can help guide you toward the right size of filter for your application to achieve the desired results.

Air Filtration

Air and steam filtration are an invaluable part of process water for endoscopy, dialysis and sterile processing.  Our range of filtration can help prevent contamination in storage tanks, drying cabinets, and other stages of the sterilization process.




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