Filling Lines / Filling Stations

Total Quality Control

Purity systems for new unit fluid flushing and fill - built for OEM total quality control

To ensure that components, modules, and final assembly processes meet OEM total quality control, we offer a range of solutions. Our fluid purity controls safeguard against:


  • Built-in particulate contamination from the machining process
  • Water and entrapped gas ‘sputter’ during the grease application process
  • Impurities in fill fluids such as water and contaminants


Particulate Filtration


Our extended range of high performance filter elements including Coralon, Athalon and Profile built for both flush and fill ensure particulate free fluids. Our high quality filter housings provide quick change-out features and can be easily fitted into production systems.


Dehydration and Entrapped Gas Removal


Pall HNP/HLP Series fluid conditioning purifier for viscosities to 700/1000 cST removes 100% of free water and entrained gases and over 80% of dissolved water and gases. It is simple, compact, and portable making it a great fit in tight assembly lines.   

Contact our team of filtration experts for more information on improving the efficiency of the your processes.


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Built for Success

Fluid Monitoring

For fuels, lubricants, and coolants the PCM500 cleanliness monitor is built to monitor particulate contamination, temperature, viscosity, and optional water content, giving ISO 4406 cleanliness code results in less than 6 minutes. Ideal for quality inspectors, the system is hand held but can also be permanently mounted. It features mesh blockage technology unaffected by water, air or dark fluids. With its self-cleaning procedure, the PCM500 can ensure no problems with cross contamination.  


Not only will these solutions benefit the quality of each new unit but will also maintain the high cyclic rates demanded in the assembly process. Spills, splatter and improper measurements of fluids are eliminated keeping the assembly line and components clean. Particulate contamination, that can lead to costly warranty claims are minimized. OEM quality demands are maximized.   


For more information on how our fluid purity solutions can benefit automotive OEM total quality control, speak to a Pall automotive industry expert today.

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